Links to grass roots organisations that SG supports. 

 Gentle/radical From culture we connect community, politics, spirituality and social justice, building projects from the ground up We live in Wales. We believe in the power of small nations. And we want to create art from spaces of equity and solidarity

Healing Justice London creates safe spaces for healing for marginalised communities. We are led by people of colour and lived experience, working on the intersections of oppression, health, healing and liberation practice. We seek to undo harms, repair, vision and sustain futures possible free from intimate, interpersonal and structural violence.

Sadhana coalition of progressive Hindus. Hindu communities that are fearlessly working towards a more just and peaceful world, driven by the values of social justice at the heart of faith.

The inclusive Mosque Initiative: The Inclusive Mosque Initiative, UK is dedicated to creating safe and  inclusive places of worship and spiritual practice, to the promotion of inclusive Islamic principles, and to centring and uplifting the voices and experiences of marginalised people within our communities. 

Equality Labs is a South Asian technology organisation dedicated to ending caste apartheid, gender based violence, islamophobia, white supremacy and religious intolerance. We center the leadership of South Asian caste oppressed, queer and religious minority communities.

Yoga for people of color sangha. We collaboratively organize intentional, safe and life-affirming gatherings for self-identified black people, Indigenous people, and people of color in Albuquerque, New Mexico to practice yoga and meditation.

The Black Muslim Women Healing Collective is a space that is dedicated to supporting and uplifting Black Muslim Women. We provide spaces to restore our skills and capacities in trauma-release and healing, for the benefit of ourselves, our families and our communities.

Satya Yoga Cooperative’s vision: to be a healing force by and for POC, using yoga as a tool for both personal liberation and social transformation.

Navdanya  is an Earth Centric, Women centric and Farmer led movement for the protection of biological and cultural Diversity. We live and practise the philosophy of Earth Democracy as one Earth Family ( Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.) with no separations between nature and humans and no hierarchies between species, culture, gender, race and faiths.

Resources and reading:
Decolonial thinking: Franz Fanon, Clelia O. Rodriguez, Prof Ramon Grosfuel, Walter Di mignolo 
Center of Study and Investigation for Decolonial Dialogues. Decolonizing Knowledge and Power: Barcelona
Decolonsing trauma work: Renee Linklater
·Anti-oppressive pedagogy: P. Freire, A. Boal, B. Harro,
Earth democracy & Eco-feminism (Vandana Shiva)
 Polyvagal informed movement psychotherapy  ( Amber Gray)
 Liberation psychology: (Igancio Martin Baro, Mary Watkins & H. Shulman, Taiwo Afuape)
 Cultural somatics: (Resmaa Menakem)
 Somatic psychotherapy: (Christine Caldwell) 
Inclusive Yoga,  (Susanna Barkataki, Lakshimi Nair, Michelle Johnson )
Critical race awareness & Black feminist theory/praxis:  (Audre Lorde, Bell Hooks, J. Chandler, Ruth King, Akala)
Class struggle & caste equity. 


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