The art of sacred balance

A Yoga therapy program for decolonial healing through wholeness, beauty, dignity and Soul




The art of sacred balance is a 2 year immersive program for those who are seeking an at depth yoga therapy training. Open to mental health and caring professionals, massage therapists, educators, guides, coaches, space holders and yoga- movement facilitators.


The first year will be based on a personal, heart opening process. Individuals who can journey deep within, making time and devotion to transform themselves, will cultivate the knowledge and skills to share their tools and wisdom effectively from their own heart and inner conviction. 

In year 2 therapists will explore application of their own first hand experience to clinical situations, building skills in decolonial practice and trauma informed  yoga- movement therapy. 

This program is not accredited by a formal professional body as it is organised around a non hierarchal and inclusive pathway to education based on a small group apprenticeship model. It would suit those with an existing license to practice with the public.

Sattva Gaia articulates  yoga therapy through a decolonial lens,  it revives the Indo- Sufi Tantra tradition and incorporates the wisdom of Ayurveda and Dao yoga. It aims to:     

Realize the Divine spark/Absolute within and the worth of every Human being.     

Connect to our inner world,  transforming fear to love and suffering to strength.

Maintain the body as a microcosm of the macrocosm

Facilitate an alchemical process in body/mind, cultivating harmony of the attributes (gunas) 

Support cleansing and rebirthing for forgiveness and restoration.   

Preserve our vital energies and discernment 

Maintain health, joy and contentment