Restorative yoga therapy for BAME/BIWOC women 


Mondays 19.30-21.00 (BST) Online zoom





Yoga is a powerful way to support health, self- integration and wholeness.

We can trust in this way to counteract the influences of disintegration and reclaim wellbeing   

Why Yoga for BAME/BIWoC women?

Women of colour experience particular stresses or violations relating to the intersecting realities of being racialised and sexualised and are more likely to carry intergenerational colonial trauma.     

It takes courageous commitment to our own wellbeing.  If we operate from unhealed or disempowered  states, we re-enact polarisations, oppressions and suffering.  More promising are the harmonious states of  being  that we can become by centering into our bodies and true wisdom.  

The heart and soul intention of this group is to be a specific affinity space for women (of all sexual orientations) who grew up as girls and identify as women. In this particular instance, we recognise the need to reveal the misogyny and suffering that is rooted in the objectification, violence and hatred of the female form (especially in black and brown bodies), her biology (i.e. guna- shakti- nature) and the feminine in our earth and psyche. This group seeks to repair these wounds by using female centered language to support feminine embodiment and align female biology to the sacred.  Trans, Non binary- two spirit -intersex people might also benefit from this circle of support and are welcome to join if they feel that the intentions and methods of this feminine space would benefit them.

Sattva Gaia also holds other embodiment spaces that are open to the needs of all sexes and genders. 



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Here is what I offer.

Yoga therapy sessions are different to yoga classes, they are process orientated. I hold space using my somatic empathy skills: reading cues, non verbal responses, body presentations to sequence the session based on the presenting needs of the group. 

Yoga online is certainly different to in person but as I work with small groups, it is possible even on a computer screen!

Yoga therapy aims to restore bio-energetic- nervous system- hormonal-balance  (by influencing vata- vayu- nadi) In this process we gently release tension, pain and negative knots.

  A gentle, mindful method is key, as stress, patriarchal oppression and systemic pain create harshness and addiction to fired and wired states.

 The process of embodiment is to listen with feeling, come back to the merciful moment and keep our inner space sacred to protect against fragmentation.

Being conscious in movement and breath allows our heart to ignite with insight and guide our body/mind back to balance.  With commitment, time and patience, a yogic process replaces any numbing, amouring or cathartic coping strategies.

Please note: As these sessions are online they would not be suitable for women who are vulnerable or have high trauma, Unfortunately, online spaces are limited in what they can offer.   

What to expect in each session:


We use breath, movement, stillness, gesture, intention, attention, visualisation and voice to: 

Raise self- awareness: understand and dialogue in radical acceptance with our inner world: sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts and energy.

Titrate: do little bits at a time to promote space, integrate and make sense of what is happening. 

Cultivate our kind witness : to understand and identify the shapes and patterns that tension, pain or injury form in our body/mind.  Call upon our wise inner discernment (buddhi), as the means to renegotiate change and promote balance.

Fearless re-patterning: This is true flexibility, to move without fear! Explore different movements, gestures and sentiments that give relief and replace negative self talk.

Holding the middle way: Enable re calibration and self regulation so that we can mobilise without intensity and relax without shutting down.

Resource our self: Using inner visioning, prana in action and devotional will to awaken self acceptance and self love.


Next course starts very soon!  

Timings: 19:30 - 21:00 (BST)  

Group is limited to 6-9  women   Recommended price: £15 per class

Sliding solidarity scale: £8-£25 per session.

Please pay within your means, paying the top end supports someone else to attend. 

For more info contact Sophia Ayesha....e mail. 

My experience:

I have experience of working with stress, anxiety and depression, injury and pain, burn out & fatigue, post operation care, cancer recovery, muscular-skeletal aches and pains, shoulder/neck problems and frozen shoulder, arthritis, CFS or ME, fibromyalgia, dissociative seizures, rape, sexual assault/violence, intergenerational trauma, race based traumatic stress, diaspora-identity and refugee issues, invasive medical procedures, pregnancy and birth support, fertility & conception assistance,  menopause/ menstrual challenges, pelvic floor issues such as irritable bladder and prolapse, hysterectomy, post abortion, post miscarriage, post still birth recovery, Infant death, and postnatal/post partum support. 

I have 25 years experience working in women's well being as well as with a diversity of individuals and groups in a therapeutic embodied manner. I align to tantric - bhakti- Sufi lineages of South Asia.  I have furthered my professional understanding of yoga therapy through the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute & Research Center.  I also draw upon the knowledge transmitted through all my teachers that I have learnt with and pay respect to my Ayurvedic healers in the Ayushakti lineage of Dr Smita & Pankaj Naram.