Decolonial, relational centered supervision for organisations 

I offer a radical form of supervision that centers  the benefits of interpersonal connection, open communication, embodied relating and building trust and love.

This would appeal to schools/organisations, social enterprises, CIC's, groups and charities that are involved in care taking and change within their community.

My role is to support the board or team through a process of:

Transparency: Taking time to reveal concerns or dilemmas particularly as experienced in the personal and collective mind- body-spirit.

Unity in diversity:  Allowing for pluriversality: many centers, many truths, many realities. Placing relationships before issues, cultivating the emotional will to exercise empathic solutions to challenges or conflict

Committing to resiliency:  identifying levels of trauma or burn out and rethinking self/collective care strategies.

Conscious positionality: Addressing the particular context and need in your community/organisation. Understand how it intersects with historically produced systems of domination and your location within it.

De-ideologise: Becoming clear about your organisational culture and values. Consider if they are representative of what you truly aim for or are a replication of dominant ideologies.  

Leading with empathy & soul: owning authority and leadership without shame. Come to know how power is wielded  or denied. Articulate needs and find solutions together. Create virtuous cycles in time, space, action, rest and communication.

Owning the shadow: Considering how the capacity for harm arises when we unwittingly blame and marginalise the other as well as parts of ourselves. Open communication and patience allows for the shadow to become revealed.

This  process s closed to outside parties and held in complete confidentiality.

Sophia is currently working with Bristol yoga roots project and has worked with the British wheel of Yoga. She currently has availability to take on more clients.  

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