Sattva Gaia
  2 year training in yoga liberation therapy.


In 2022 Sattva Gaia will offer a decolonial training of psychotherapeutic depth, with sensitivity to soul-full social responsibility.

This training will be geared primarily towards mental health and caring professionals as well as experienced yoga teachers.  Yoga is a sophisticated technology; a psycho-spiritual healing practice.  For this reason we name this as a yoga therapy training to be differentiated from yoga teacher training.

The first year will be based on personal process. Individuals who can journey deep within, making time and devotion to transform themselves, will cultivate the knowledge and skills to share their tools and wisdom effectively. The first year takes place via a decolonial yoga healing circle.

In year 2 therapists will explore application of their first hand experience to  clinical situations, building skills in trauma informed yoga therapy for groups and one to one situations.  

Key features of a decolonial approach to yoga therapy:

Somatic resonance: how might we be in embodied, relational attunement, to be in true service to another and to create safer, non judgemental spaces? This involves meeting people where they are at, validating them, hearing their dilemmas and respectfully entering into their hearts.

Conscious positionality: how does it help to understand one’s own bias and social cultural reference point. There is a virtue and truth that comes from acting in alignment with one’s social power and considering the impact it has on our decisions and actions.

Power with, rather than power over : how can we use our authority (as a guide, facilitator and wise counsel) to hold and create liminal space (free and protected) without interfering, rescuing or controlling.

Agency: how could we support agency through slowing down and choice as well as being with states of not knowing. Can we give freedom to express vulnerability, grief or anger and make space for people’s real experiences, emotions and complexity.

Invitation: how might we foster an invitational and non judgemental environment for body soul healing wisdom to come forth. How might we create the circumstances for Atman to wake up within the internal pranic system.

Enrichment: Yoga has been watered down to the point where  asanas  replicate a gymnastic or ballet aesthetic form.  How can we reclaim the depth and sophistication of yoga in the face of colonial & fundamentalist epistemicide?


Sattva Gaia articulates  yoga therapy as the means to:     

Realize the Divine spark/Absolute within and the worth of every Human being.       

Connect to our inner world,  transforming fear to trust- self hatred to self acceptance.

Maintain the body as a microcosm of the macrocosm: compassionate & intelligent universe.

Facilitate an alchemical process in body/mind, cultivating harmony and balance of the attributes (gunas) 

Support cleansing and clearing to nourish and restore  

Preserve our vital energies and discernment 

Maintain health, wellbeing and contentment