Mentoring for yoga & mindfulness teachers, life coaches, movement practitioners and helping professionals.


I offer a mentoring relationship akin to supervision for yoga, mindfulness or movement teachers, massage therapists and coaches; in particular aimed at professional's working in somatics, movement, life coaching or wellness- spiritual traditions.

As a therapist myself, I know first hand the real experiences of vulnerability, confusion and shame that we can experience by being in a line of work where we help others. Regrettably some professions do not require supervision which means that teachers, coaches or therapists miss out on a fundamental source of self development and professional growth.

Mentoring is an excellent investment: It provides reassurance, validation, guidance, involvement by a significant experienced other who is committed to helping you develop, step into your power, become accountable and thrive.

Why mentoring can help?

If you face a crisis or loss of integrity, you can find the right holding space, to see what wants to emerge or wants needs to be released.

To support you to understand and befriend vulnerability and shame.

 If you experience the weight of responsibility of caring for your clients/students and have burn out, stress or vicarious trauma.

If you feel yourself falling into the trap of rescuing other people and not attending to your own wounds, drives or needs. 

I will also support you to consider and incorporate some key decolonial, anti-oppressive skills into your work:


Understand how personal coping strategies and defenses can exist because of collective, historical inter-generational trauma or socio-economic stressors. Suffering has a context.

How to acknowledge differences, respond to healthy complexity and not generalise experience or movement.  

How to work with spiritual bypassing

How to check your boundaries and saviour complex: what holds you back from your own secure embodiment or ancestral healing.

 I provide a confidential  space to discuss and explore practical, ethical or personal issues.

Timings: Fortnightly or once a month, 1 - 2 hours.

Investment/price. Sliding scale of £45-£70 per 1 hour session.

Sessions can be online or in person at the pine's listening space in Cardiff, Wales.




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