Mentoring-supervision for professionals

I offer mentoring/supervision for yoga, mindfulness or movement teachers, facilitators, massage therapists, psychologists and coaches who would benefit from a decolonial and relational centred approach. 

A mentoring relationship is an excellent investment: It provides reassurance, validation and involvement by a significant experienced other who is committed to help you develop and thrive.

How can mentoring help?

It provides a confidential environment for you to self reflect and unpack issues related to your practice as well the internal content and process of your client-student sessions 

If you face some challenges or loss of integrity, you can find the right holding space to help you overcome obstacles. 

To support you to befriend and transform imposter syndrome

if you are confused about your professional direction and focus.

 If you experience the weight of responsibility of caring for your clients/students and experience  burn out, caring fatigue or vicarious trauma.

We focus on any practical, ethical or professional issue that you need to explore.

I will support you to:

Step into your power and manifest your work with abundance and authenticity.

Turn obstacles and challenges into opportunities for professional growth

Be a facilitator at heart: grounded and present to hold space for others including their nuance and paradox.

Understand how personal coping strategies/ defenses could exist because of collective inter-generational trauma or socio-economic stressors.

Acknowledge and respect racial, gender, class, cultural, linguistic, neuro and body identities and respond to complexity without generalising experience or movement. 

Understand and identify spiritual bypassing and cult dynamics within groups.

Be conscious of the nature of social privilege and- personal power as well as how they differ and intersect.

Support  genuine personal and community healing that offsets socially engineered drama and collective reenactments

Commit to resiliency and your own self care.

Timings: fortnightly or once a month: 1 - 1 and a half hours.

Investment/price: sliding scale of £60-£75  per 1 hour session.

Sessions can be online or in person at the Pine's Listening Space in Cardiff, Wales.



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