Luscious body- yearning heart

The Sufi Tantric art of self nurture & radical love.





Our true self is a perfect reflection of the Divine, infinitely merciful and compassionate. We can suffer deep hurts from being challenged in this life and sadly loose connection with the Absolute within.

Systemic powers and parasitical forces at play will profit from prolonging misery. Acts of radical self love protect and push back against the objectification, de humanisation and oppression of our times. Self nurture raises us beyond survival states to higher vibrations and can support the healing of intergenerational trauma, neglect and shame.  

These therapeutic circles celebrate the wisdom of cultivating a  luscious body to realise the Divine reality through the heart  The awakened heart, supported by a spacious belly gives us the means to be at One with the diversity of life. We also explore the art of moulding our bodies to be refractions of light and beauty to subdue the winds of degeneration and suffering.

The goal is to become inwardly spacious and juicy, nothing to do with satisfying the gaze or approval of others. Working towards our  physical well being is a sensual experience of manifesting heaven on earth. Unapologetic about embodiment. The healthier we are, the stronger we can be to maintain our love affair with the divine to face adversity and live with the vicissitudes of life. Patient with challenges: in this world but not of it. Devoted to others yet non attached.  With -out having to leave the world or spiritually bypass, Sufi yoga is to fully embrace life, and renew oneself in every opportunity.  It places emphasis on knowing ourselves deeply, aligning to Truth and Love,  coming back to zero (mercy and re birth) listening with feeling, expressing Rasa and the erotic, embodying Ishq (Love), harnessing creativity to channel emotion and remembering our core  worth/sacredness to protect against fragmentation and pain.

This therapeutic sessions are held on zoom. We come together weekly, in a circle of respect and curiosity. In each session  there is time for sattvic restorative movements, remembrance, self reflection, voicing and drawing) as well as satsang; a holding space for people to share from their hearts and to explore:  

Brokenness and wounding as the means to evolve and find Love

Remembrance and invocation of Her: the Divine Beloved

The body as mosque: thinking, feeling and devotion. 

Finding beauty in the world: celebrating shakti nature.

Cleansing, forgiveness and coming back to zero.

Manifesting erotic Rasa - pleasure and playfulness in movement and intention. 

Knowing yourself: Humble self inquiry 

On your enrolment, I will give out guide to gentle cleansing - which involves taking 15mins to ½ hour extra in the morning to put this routine into practice.  

NOTE:  I created these circles  to re assert the value of forgotten/neglected Indo-Sufi Yoga traditions, to challenge current day prejudice and erasure of Muslim pluriversality*, to include BAME/BIPOC needs to align with ancestral wisdom and to offer a decolonial alternative to mainstream talk therapy which perpetuates the cartesian split (of mind, body and soul).

(* Pluriversality = many truths, many experiences and many realities)

 Sufi yogic traditions of North India include Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, that bridged and synthesised Islamic, Neoplatonic, Tantric and Samkhya cosmologies and over time manifested a unique tradition of Love and community. Everyone of all backgrounds, of any faith (or none) is welcome. 

The decolonial focus is to re-imagine ancestral wisdom for present day healing, reinterpret  patriarchal sources to center feminine spirituality for all genders and  to challenge current day injustices. This course would not be suitable for those who hold conservative world views. It would appeal to individuals willing to use this opportunity to springboard closer to their own spiritual path and therapeutic journey.

Of particular interest to:

Yoga-mindfulness teachers, health therapists, caring and mental health professionals, change makers and community leaders, human rights activists. 

Mondays 6.15 p.m-8.15 p.m GMT

Spaces limited to 9 

Price: I offer a sliding scale  to be used responsibly

Between £70-£140 for the course, this works out as £10-20 per session.



© Sophia Ansari