How much space do I take?

Embodied privilege: how much space do I take?

Privilege is a secure position, an acquisition of advantages and benefits that are bestowed systematically. 
Understanding privilege can be challenging, privilege dynamics exist in a web of silence and invisibility. Revealing the intricacies and patterns that privilege norms and myths perpetuate can be deeply rewarding. Intimately knowing our position of privilege helps us to use it responsibly to generate empathy, healthier boundaries and reciprocal prosperity. 
Our body is a resource for inquiry; awakening our body agency and strengths gives us the means to explore our personal material.
This workshop offers a brave space for professionals to explore what privilege means, what it feels like and how it moves us.
Using somatic methods: body mapping, mindful inquiry and movement exploration, participants can name and explore the shape, textures, weight and grip of their socialised influences and biases. 
Drawing upon decolonising, embodied epistemologies, this exploration takes place through an awareness of power- within and power with. The day will be paced and spaced to support rest and digest, acceptance and self compassion as a means to work constructively with any arising shame, guilt, powerlessness or frustration.

Themes that will be explored during the workshop:
  • How can we use a social justice taxonomy to help us identify and understand what privilege means.
  • How do we move from defensiveness to curiosity; breaking the habit of by- standing and collusion to becoming an engaged witness
  • What stories or insights do my skin, bones, joints, organs, tissues and nerves hold? 
  • How much space do I take up when I talk, walk, move, think, push, plan, pull or hold? 
  • How can I re-position myself and step out of inherited scripts and identifications. 
  • How can I use space to support pausing, listening, responsiveness, observation and reflection? 

Booking details

A CPD (7 hours) workshop for:
Counsellors & psychotherapists.
Counselling psychologists, psychiatrists & psycho-analysts.
Drama, art, dance- movement & somatic therapists.
Mindfulness and yoga teachers.
Nurses, midwives, massage therapists, body workers, osteopaths & chiropractors.

Spaces limited to 8

Price: £50.

Venue: The Crescent centre, Meanwhile House, Curran embankment, Cardiff, CF10 5FX

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