Feedback from CPD days &  Webinars

"I am deeply appreciative to be introduced to this emotive and complex subject in such an intelligent and compassionate way, Sophia is a very talented facilitator with an embodied and relational ethic" T.F, core process psychotherapist who attended embodied privilege workshop.

I felt you paced the day very well and moved with people's level of energy, ideas and emerging awareness. I did feel initially nervous and anxious at the thought of group work yet the movement aspect of the workshop supported me. When we weaved between each other, I found my space and ease. I spend too much time outside my body or in my head, this workshop encouraged me to connect with myself and I feel more confident and stronger to move forwards, Thank you. J. Smith, Family systemic psychotherapist who attended embodied privilege workshop.

“Your greatest strength lies in your alertness to issues of race and culture and ethical issues in general.” & "You demonstrate a high level of professionalism through attention to ethics and issues of race, culture and power” -  Feedback on case study for psychotherapy training' from Rosy Wood Bevan and Jenny Thompson,  UKCP  psychotherapists

“Yoga teacher friends, I highly recommend working with Sophia if you get a chance. Her depth of knowledge and insight is matched by her depth of warmth and compassion. This work is so important on many levels, particularly in light of the unhealthy power dynamics present in the yoga world.” Louise Thorndycraft, Yoga teacher, trauma sensitive yoga teacher at, Blueskyoga, Wales.

"Sophia, thank you for giving many of us a first taste of an embodied method. You were very thoughtful of our diverse group and its needs and I for one felt very connected by the session"  feedback from Sobia in London who attended the deep listening workshop

“ I have left this workshop with a big sense of realisation and calm, the activities helped me become aware, relaxed and confident to question”  feedback from Mary,  2nd year psychology student who attended the embodied privilege workshop

"Thanks very much for the course which I found very enjoyable and interesting. I liked the way you facilitated it and made us all feel we could talk openly and with respect and consideration."- feedback from Amanda Stone Nash, psychotherapist based in Wales.

"I dipped my feet in the waters of a subject that I have never been taught before or had very little knowledge about. I now feel that I can start to take my new awareness into my current work as a full time yoga teacher and I have a clearer understanding of my own vulnerabilities and power.The online space was both safe and welcoming and I looked forward to the group every week. I really felt like I learnt something valuable." - from Jo,Yoga teacher based in Wales.