Decolonise therapy

Decolonise (not diversify) Therapy.

 A 2 part webinar- Monday 20th July & 27th of July 2020.


How are our helping professions unconsciously driven by Whiteness and colonial dynamics that generate more harm than good?

Whiteness as a phenomenology is visceral and psychic, as a power dynamic it influences our client-therapist-supervisor relationships. As an ideology, it prevents overhauling the colonial foundation of our mental health system.


Diversity and inclusion strategies miss the mark. The centering of White solutions and interventions in both private practice and the third sector disempowers and infantilises the mental health needs of BAME people. These needs are highly attuned to the reality of race-based trauma/ stress (and its intersection with sexual harm), intergenerational colonial trauma, weathering, micro aggressions and structural violence.

This webinar comes at a critical time, however the movement to decolonise our practice and systems has been ongoing

Decoloniality as an ethical practice involves accountability and response- ability. It asks us to examine the power centre from which ‘others’ are categorised as ‘diverse’ or meant to integrate into. It requires transparency about positionality, privilege and power.


In this 2 part webinar we will explore:


  • What it means to decolonise therapy and why we need to!

  • Why we should be centering the cosmological, spiritual and embodied ancestral healing traditions of BAME communities.

  • Why we need to raise the critical consciousness of therapists to prevent voyeurism or pathologising problems inside people.

  • Why we need to challenge the White saviour complex that generates livelihood/ educational development for White therapists/organisations out of the suffering/ trauma of marginalised/ BAME clients. 


Who is this webinar for?

Trainee and qualified counselling psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, helping professionals and clinicians seeking to hold space for genuine change beyond the systems we have today.

BAME therapists who feel compromised and invalidated. White therapists who have concerns about collusion.

Educational institutions and third sector parties interested in liberation based mental health care informed by decolonial ethics.

How the webinar will flow

  1. We start with an embodied practice to settle in.

  2. Check in/personal introductions. Situating ourselves. 

  3. Power point presentation. This will be a slide show and talk from myself with the relevant educational material

  4. Discussion circle

  5. Closing and transition out.

We will be a small group (up to 10 participants including myself). When facilitating, l follow a decolonial ethic which is embodied, situational and relational, you do not remain anonymous and I encourage dialogue. I aim to build a personal and titrated approach to learning. This is intentional so that the information received can settle and integrate at emotional, mental and physical levels.


What next?

If you are interested here is the info:

Monday 20th July & 27th of July 2020.

6 p.m-8 p.m BST

Online with zoom.

£30- £100 sliding scale.

Register at I will send out a registration form.


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