Understanding cultural appropriation in yoga

Online 4 week course
June is full, next one scheduled for September 2020

Yoga is a powerful psycho -spiritual tool. How you use it, for what purpose and for whose benefit will depend on your intentions as well as your unexamined biases and beliefs.

Without personal and critical awareness, harmful power dynamics related to control, hoarding and exclusion get perpetuated.
Cultural appropriation is not to be confused with the natural evolution of ideas and cultural exchange in society.
Tackling it should not create divisions or induce shame.
The cultural appropriation debate can be hijacked by intensity and anger but it stays unresolved due to intellectual & spiritual by passing.

Each week there will will be a power point presentation of relevant educational material. I will facilitate Ayurvedic hatha yoga to support self- inquiry and group exchange. I aim to build an intimate, titrated and trauma informed approach to learning. We will be a small group and the webinar will be spread out over 4 weeks.

Here are the weekly themes:
1. How decolonial & liberation thinking helps us situate cultural appropriation and understand it harms.
2. Embodied history: how our histories attach to our bodies and how cultural appropriation denies belonging, representation and dignity.
3. Reflexivity as a process that enables accountability and ethical practice.
4. Brave warrior approach to deal with Whiteness, White privilege, internalised and horizontal racism.

Who is this for?
This webinar is NOT for every yoga teacher or therapist. It is for those:
*Who have the emotional bandwidth to engage with the nuances and critical components of this issue.
* Who have an ongoing commitment to anti- racism, social responsibility and collective liberation.
*Who are ready to deep dive in a non -defensive and honest way.
* Who wish to get to grips with how privilege binds us.
*Who are invested into responsibility and reducing harm.
*Who wish to make an exit from the yoga industrial complex and/or use yoga therapeutically.

What next? If you are interested here is the info:
Solidarity sliding scale: £48-120 – which works out as £12-£30 a session.

Monday evening 7 p.m- 9. 15 p.m GMT.
Next course begins 22nd June 2020 – finishes 13th of July 2020- FULL
We will be a small group of 8-9 people.

Register at sofya@sofya.co.uk. I will send out a registration form and link.




Past workshops

The Heart of Resilience

Sunday 25th of November 2018

Three pools permaculture farm, Abergavenny, Wales.

Privilege: How much space do I take?

February 2019 at 10:00–17:00, Cardiff

'Race, Inclusion and Embodied Reflexivity'

A workshop at the 2018 congress of The European Association for Body Psychotherapy,  Berlin,  8th of September 2018

'Deep Listening: Hearing the Body's Voice'

 Me too Silence no more: a day long series of workshops for BAME Women in London 29th April 2018

“Everybody tells a story”
A somatic, trauma informed approach to storytelling for therapeutic work. Workshop at George Ewart Evans centre for storytelling’s symposium. 7th April 2018.
“Traumatic stress and the embodiment of micro-aggressions”
Requested workshop for a group of counsellors in Cardiff November, 2017.
“Menstrual inclusivity”
Requested workshop for a group of psychotherapists, yoga teachers and psychologists, East London, September 2015.

Acknowledging Whiteness, honouring humanity.

 Date: 19th April 2020

Venue: Cardiff Yoga studio, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3BA


   Timings: 9.30-4.30 p.m

  Price/investment: £50.  Bookings: sofya@sofya.co.uk





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