Churning the soul brings out the ghee

Re- telling decolonial stories of alchemy & love

from the Indo Sufi tantric traditions.

Sunday 27th of March  2022

17. 30 -19.30 hrs. GMT. 

I will be holding space for a sensitive exploration of Indian Sufi tantric yoga in South Asia (now present day Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) Socially conscious yoga practitioners understand the limitations of Westernized-culturally appropriated and nationalist representations of yoga. Sufi tantric traditions are neglected in yoga today. They do not fit in with any homogenised narrative of yoga, they are non orthodox, non codified and scattered about in populist or devotional poetry. 

As part of the momentum to keep yoga inclusive and diverse, it makes sense to reference an Indo-Muslim heritage in our yoga teacher trainings, in the curriculum, at conferences - retreats. They also hold value for Desi-BAME/BIPOC communities demonstrating incredible ancestral wisdom on how to be in the world.

However like all psycho-spiritual teachings, they are not perfect and would be embedded in their own hierarchies of power. So how can we rekindle a tradition with out romanticizing about its past? How can we embrace this wisdom for present day needs as well as recognise the flaws within it? Why might there be particular modern day biases towards a yogic devotional Sufi practice?  

Using a decolonial praxis, this workshop will explore these questions and responsibly draw out those cherished aspects of this Indo- Sufi tradition, retelling stories of love and alchemy, to improve upon where we are at today. Decolonising and evolving for the benefit of all.  

Price: £10-20 Solidarity sliding scale.

                                                                                On line - zoom

                                                                                 All Welcome

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