Sattva- "Balance, truth, serenity, virtuousness"

Gaia-  "Soul of the earth" 

Welcome to Sattva Gaia,
 a decolonial education project,
consultancy -mentoring service and community association
working to restore balance, soul, equity and dignity.

To achieve genuine equality & inclusion, we need to look deeper:
understand who we are and where we are.
 To envision liberatory ways beyond 
objectification, hoarding, perfectionism, homogeneity,
scarcity-binary thinkingand disembodiment.

Sattva Gaia focuses on making change in yoga, mental health and well being,

supporting therapists, practitioners and organisations to seed

self- worth, virtuousness and radical love

to align together in a shared awakening.


                                  We are based in Wales, addressing the UK climate and signs of our times.




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